International Intensive Study Program on Soul Studies

Scuola Master Internazionale di Studi sull’Anima

Florence, June 19 – 21, 2015
Via Maggio, 1 – 50125 Firenze

Our Way to Didactics
The Florence Summer Program on Soul Studies proposes to offer instruments, ideas, leads, and perspectives to facilitate an initiation into Soul work, a journey to the deepest roots of our being.

Our school offers the first Study Program on Soul Studies aimed at meeting the needs of individuals who are seeking an opportunity to study, research, and discover Soul through a multifaceted perspective deriving from different fields and disciplines.

Our intensive (open, short) Study Program is the first to be entirely dedicated to Soul Studies.

The initiative is a special pathway offered to groups of students, from different countries around the world, with an interest in Soul Studies, besides the possibility of earning – in accordance with your university programs – credits hours for a one-week summer session. The study program is limited to a class size of a maximum of 11 students, postgraduate students and auditors.

The study program is also propaedeutic, including additional longer study programs in Soul Counseling, entirely focused on the training and preparation of
Soul Counsellors.

This additional initiative, coinceived for individuals who can remain in Florence for a longer period of time, places special emphasis on experience and story telling, both on individual and collective levels, providing an opportunity to students throughout the entire program to share personal experiences and narratives, express personal points of view and discuss these perspectives with teachers, who are internationally renowned scholars, lecturers, analysts, and seminar leaders.

The didactic method predominantly adopted throughout the coursework of the study program includes thematic conversational seminars conducted in small group format, alternating with lectures and personal colloquia.

The program have a duration of a time-period of three days, one week-end. The didactic curriculum is organized in the following way:

a) four/six hours of daily seminar activity in small group format on themes introduced by group leaders and faculty members, as well as by student participants;
(seminars on subjects listed below: see Curriculum Overview);

b) the availability of group leaders (Soul Counsellors and Analysts) for personal colloquia; these individual meetings are optional and included in the program fees.

Most of the courses in group format are held by the founder of the school, Prof. Dr. Daniele Cardelli, who takes inspiration from ancient philosophical traditions.

All courses are in English and, when given in Italian, simultaneous translation in English is provided.

At the conclusion of coursework, at the completion of the study program, participants earn the registration in our School in Florence.

A certificate will be issued to each student at the conclusion of the study program.

We believe our study program offers a unique educational experience, as unique as our experience with the Soul, as unique as each personal life – an extraordinary and soulful pathway aimed at promoting the growth and development of the individual.

Curriculum Overview
Spiritual Studies and Religious TraditionsDepth Psychology
Analytical Psychology
Archetypal Psychology
(foundamentals, development, theoretical and epistemological orientations,
dream interpretation, fairy tales, and analysis of myths)

Clinical Cases
Psychoanalytic and Jungian Psychotherapy

Aspects of Medical Semiotics
Elements of Psychosomatic Medicine

Self Philosophy and Soul Tending
Philosophical Therapies

Individuation Process as “Know Thyself”

Ecological Economics and Ethics

Psychology and Psychoanalysis of Politics
Analysis, Therapies, and Solutions in Political and Administrative Arenas
International Relations and Security

Feelings Education
Love and the Individuation Process
Philosophy of Emotions

Lecturers and Seminar Leaders
Daniele Cardelli
Maria Vittoria Nardi
Nerina Cecchin
Antonio Gattamelata

Gaetano Roberto Buccola

Course Locations
The main locations where coursework, lectures, seminars, and thematic conversations are held are in downtown Florence. The center for the personal colloquia is located at the headquarters of the School, in Via Maggio 1, one of the most central and characteristic streets of Florence. The headquarters are located in the very quaint and artistic neighborhood of “Oltrarno” in Florence, very close to the Ponte Vecchio—famous worldwide for its beautiful antiques, art, and handcrafts shoppes. Courses are also held in locations in the splendid Florentine Hills, where you can enjoy spectacular sceneries and views of Florence and the surrounding areas or visiting nearby locations of Tuscany, also internationally renowned for their beauty. These wonderful locations are of unique and unequaled beauty, the ideal places for hosting an intensive study program on Soul Studies. The school’s facilities provide the opportunity for students and teachers to stay in places of incomparable beauty, immersed in environments that stimulate and encourage inner work and depth research, besides facilitating philosophical, analytical, and spiritual conversations in an atmosphere of friendly and soulful exchange. A soulful experience is lived in a particularly fervent climate surrounded by the beauty of Florence and Tuscany, the cradle of the Renaissance and its geniuses and their great masterpieces.

Enrollment and Tuition Fees
The application for enrollment – free email to addresses here below with the request of participation and personal motivations – must be completed within the time term of June 16th, 2015. The  entire course fee per person is € 700. The tuition fee includes only didactic and educational costs; the student’s accommodation and residency in Florence are not included.

Electronic payments are made directly to the School’s bank account:
Master School on Soul Studies – Scuola e Libera Università Internazionale di Studi sull’Anima

for more informations and details, please contact
info@cgjung.it – danielecardelli@tiscali.it
Tel. +39.055.0191066